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Floors Fillings with Τherbobeto®

Floors Fillings with Fiber Reinforced Thermal Insulating Lightweight Concretes Τherbobeto®

Lightweight floor fillings with high durability, thermal insulation and soundproofing!

We will be glad to work together! Ask for our offer.

We give solutions! Andreoy Insulation SA is the best choice for fillings, thermal-insulation and soundproofing of your floor.

Andreoy Insulation SA has made thousands of floor and balcony fillings in Athens, Attica, Evia, Chalkida, Thiva, Central Greece!


floor filling Andreoy group

Filling, thermal and sound insulation solutions for floors and balconies

The products of the Thermobeto® series are thermal-insulating and sound-insulating lightweight concretes which are used exclusively by Andreoy Insulation SA for floor fillings (covering of floor pipes) and creation of slopes on balconies and tiles.

The resulting surface is ready for the final layer of tiles, marbles, asphaltic membranes, etc. without requiring the use of cement mortar, always with the quality guarantee of Andreoy Insulation SA.

It is very light, thus contributing to the anti-seismic protection of the construction while is providing the building with thermal insulation and sound insulation,so its replacing the classic heavy and non-thermal materials such as cement mortar, marble, foam concrete, lightweight concrete.


floor filling with therbobeto

Ways and prices for floor fillings

See solutions for floor and balcony fillings that we offer. Contact us, and together we will choose the filling solution that best meets your needs.

Filling and thermal insulation of floor with Τherbobeto®

floor filling with therbobeto

Floor filling with thermal-insulating lightweight concrete Thermobeto®. Adds thermal-insulation (λ = 0,065), very low weight, price starts at 110 € / m3.

Filling and soundproofing of floor

floor soundproofing

Combination of Thermobeto® and anti-vibration membrane for sound insulation of the floor. Price starts at 110 € / m3 and 15 € / m2 for sound insulation.

Filling and waterproofing of balconies with Therbobeto®

filling and waterproofing of balconies

The proper and necessary way to fill and waterproof balconies so you will not have any problems . Price starts at 32 € /m2.

Prices for floor and balcony fillings are indicative. Each floor or balcony is unique and the price may vary depending on the distance from our department stores, the particularities of each project, etc. Contact us and with the help of an experienced technician you will be able to choose the solution that suits you.


floor filling

We are the experts in floor and balcony fillings

See why with us you will have the best solution for filling your floor or balcony.

  • Andreou Insulation SA is a large and reliable company specialized in floor filling.
  • Floor and balcony fillings at low cost and with the more flexible payment methods
  • Lightweight solutions for filling your floor. Antiseismic prevention
  • Filling floors for houses, block of flats, detached houses, commercial buildings, industrial buildings
  • All the Terbobeto® solutions are CE certified for coating material and floor coating - Coating material - properties and requirements ELOT EN 13813: 2002.
  • Thermobeto® adds-thermal insulation to the filling of your floor.
  • Thermobeto® adds sound-insulation to the filling of your floor.
  • We provide you a written financial offer
  • We offer funding programs and repayment options in up to 24 interest-free installments
  • Construction crews with civil engineers & qualified and certified insulators
  • We undertake floor fillings in Athens, Attica, Chalkida, Evia, and Central Greece
  • Consistency and professionalism are those two elements that characterizes us.The proof is our thousands of customers

See floor fillings that we have done:

See some of the thousands floor fillings projects that we successfully installed!


  1. Trust Andreoy Insulation SA as well as thousands of others. It applies:
  • Quality Control System ISO 9001: 2015 & Environmental Management System ISO 14001: 2015
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System ELOT 1801: 2008 / OHSAS 18001: 2007
  1. All the construction crews of Andreoy Insulation SA consist of:
  • Civil Engineers
  • Certified technicians on Insulations / Insulators by ESYD in accordance with the International Standard ISO / IEC 170244
  • Specialized and certified technicians according to DIN CERTCO
  1. All the Terbobeto® solutions are CE certified for coating material and floor coating - Coating material - properties and requirements ELOT EN 13813: 2002.
  1. Andreoy Insulation SA is a member of:
  • Pan-Hellenic Association of Insulation Companies  (PESM)
  • European Federation of Associations of Insulation Contractors (FESI)
  • Panhellenic Association of Inflated Polystyrene - EPS HELLAS
  • Association of Greek Manufacturers of Aluminum and Related Products (SEKA)
  • Hellenic Institute of Fire Protection of Constructions  (ΕLIPYKA)

 Andreoy insulations guarantee

Ask our offer and prices for floor fillings

Contact us. We give solutions on fillings for floor and balconies. Simply!

  1. Fill the contact form
  2. Call us at the following telephone numbers: 210 62 55 780, 22 210 79 950
  3. Come to our technical departments in Athens and Chalkida
  4. Visit our Facebook and Twitter pages and send a message

Do you have a house, a block of flats, a commercial building or industrial building? Contact us and tell us the problem you have with filling your floor or balcony.

A civil engineer or a specialized technician will explain you the construction method, the materials that will be used, and the price per m2, that will cost any solution for the filling, thermal insulation and sound insulation of your floor or balcony.

Andreou Insulation SA is available in Athens and Attica, Chalkida, Evia, Thiva and Central Greece.


floor filling

Applications of the Terbobeto® products


  • High durability
  • Proper thermal-insulation
  • High transpiration (bioclimatic material)
  • Excellent workability, smooth surface
  • Dimensional stability, does not crack
  • Light weight

It replaces the non-reinforced concrete, cement mortar, foamed concrete, lightweight concrete for indoors or outdoors. It is used for:

  • Creation of a thermal insulation layer for roofs and flat roofswith the possibility of directly laying tiles even on substrates (eg metal or wooden constructions)
  • Creation of a slope layer which is followed by the application of waterproofing(bitumen sheet, flexthermo, etc.)
  • Creation of very low weight fillings
  • Creation of soundproofing floors in combination with anti-vibration membranes.

flat roof filling

Certification of the products of Terbobeto® series

The implementation of applications of the Τherbobeto® Thermal Insulating Lightweight Concrete and their composition is the result of research, in collaboration with CEN scientific collaborators and experts, and years of experience of the Andreoy Group's insulation companies.

They contain selected lightweight inert of specific granulometric gradation, high strength cement, polypropylene fibers and special improvement additives.

The CE certification which who is owned by the products of Therbobeto® series and the ready-made sack packing, making them all the measurable parameters controlled and thus guarantee stable composition and guaranteed quality across the range of applications.

Continuous tests in quality control laboratories provide consistently higher strength crushing and bending values from the predicted values that required by the standard EN 13813: 2002 for coating and filling materials.

All Terbobeto® solutions are suitable for the direct laying of tiles, marbles, wood flooring, waterproofing materials (bitumen sheets, etc.)and even on substrates.


slopes in flat roof insulaion

Certified and experienced Construction crews for floor fillings

All the above would have low value if they were not combined with the experienced and specialized technicians, vehicles and special mechanical equipment that Andreoy Insulation SA has, in order to serve at the same time many customers and undertake many floor filling projects.

  1. Our constructions crews are staffed by civil engineers
  2. Our constructions crews are consisted by specialized and certified insulators according to DIN CERTCO.
  3. We have certified Insulation Technician  / Insulators according to the ESYD in accordance with the international standard ISO / IEC 17024

We use only certified insulating materials and our own certified & specialized insulation crews.


floor filling

Written economotechnical study for filling, thermal and sound insulation of your floor.

With Andreoy Insulation SA you will know in advance the materials which will be used and the total cost of filling your floor or balcony. The written economotechnical study is a commitment and proof of our professionalism and reliability.

"ALWAYS with certified materials ONLY with certified & specialized constructions crews"