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Flat Roof Insulations

Flat Roof Insulations by experts on Roof Insulation

Forget black spots, moisture, water inflow, heat in the summer and cold in the winter.

We give solutions! Andreoy Insulation SA is the best choice for insulating your roof.

We will be glad to work together! Ask for our offer.

Andreoy Insulation SA has installed thousands of roof insulations in Athens, Attica, Evia, Chalkida, Thebes, Voitia, Rhodes and Kos.


roof insulation andreoy sa

Installation ways and prices for roof insulation

See the roof insulation we offer. We like to call them "roof insulation solutions". Contact us, and together we will choose the type of insulation that best meets your need.

Lightweight and economical roof insulation - Monosi Plus - EPS

Economical roof insulation

Lightweight roof insulation Monosi Plus. Minimum weight 10 kg / m2, low prices that starts at 22€/ m2, up to 10 years written warranty, offers thermal insulation and waterproofing on the roof.

Conventional (classic) Flat Roof Insulation

Classic flat roof insulation

The long-term, classic roof insulation solution. Reliability with 15 years written warranty, great advantage is the excellent slopes of the roof. Price starts at 30€/ m2, 25-30kg weight per m2, for thermal insulation and watterproofing of the slab.

Inverted Flat Roof Insulation

Inverted roof insoulation

The termal insulation solution includes the installation of the thermal insulation plates at the end of the insulation. Up to 15 years written warranty, the price starts at 40€/ m2 for thermal insulation and waterproofing of the roof. The price does not include supply & placement of ballast .

Thermal Insulation and Triple Waterproofing of Flat Roof  monosi plus - XPS

Light roof insulation

Three layers of waterproofing on the roof for triple reliability. Low weight (14kg / m2), price starts at 30€ per m2, up to 15 years written warranty. Offers thermal insulation and waterproofing on the roof.

Accessible Flat Roof Insulation with a topcoat of tiles

Accessible flat roof

To convert your flat roof into a balcony. Totally accessibility, up to 15 years written warranty, price starts at 38€ / m2, for thermal insulation and waterproofing of the roof.  The price does not include the supply & installation of tiles.

Green roof or roof garden

roof garden

The solution to convert your roof to a beautiful garden. High aesthitic , up to 15 years written warranty, price starts at 50€ / m2, offers thermal insulation and waterproofing on the roof and an aesthetic result. The price does not include the installation of the garden (soil, plants, flowers, etc.)

Roof waterproofing with double bituminous membrane

Roof waterproofing

he classic and safe solution for waterproofing the roof. Price starts at 18€ / m2 to 15 years written warranty. A solution that offers only waterproofing on your roof.

Slab waterproofing with polyurea spray 

Waterproofing with polyurea

The modern roof waterproofing solution. Up to 10 years written warranty, price starts at 25€ / m2. It offers waterproofing of the roof and reflective thermal insulation with almost zero weight.

The prices of the insulation systems are indicative. Each roof insulation is unique and prices may vary by m2, the distance from our technical department stores, the thickness of the thermal insulation,  the particular requirements of each project, etc. Contact us and with the help of an experienced technician you will be able to choose the solution that suits you.


asphaltic membrane

We are the best and guaranteed choice in the Insulation of Flat Roofs

See why with us you will have the best solution for insulating your roof:

  • Andreoy Insulation SA is a large and reliable company specialized in roof insulation
  • Proper roof insulation at low cost and flexible payment methods
  • Decades of experience, we have installed thousands roof insulations successfully
  • Variety of roof insulation systems to choose the one that suits you, at the desired price
  • Roof insulation in houses, apartment buildings, detached houses, commercial buildings, industrial buildings
  • Installation of roof insulations that ensure thermal insulation, waterproofing and sealing
  • We use the best certified thermal insulation materials
  • We have certified waterproofing systems with durability
  • We provide you a written financial offer
  • We offer funding programs
  • We participate in the Grant Programs, NSRF
  • Insulation workshops with civil engineers & qualified and certified insulators
  • We install roof insulations with multi-year written warranty
  • We undertake all the preparations
  • We offer free Thermographic inspection (thermography) before and after the insulation of the slab
  • Warranty and technical support book. We are watching the roof insulation for many years
  • We undertake roof insulation in Athens, Attica, Chalkida, Evia, Thiva, Viotia, Rhodes and Kos.
  • Consistency and professionalism are those two elements that characterizes us.The proof is our thousands of customers

See roof insulations we've done:

Projects of roof insulation that we have install successfully!

bituminous membrane

  1. Trust Andreoy Insulation SA as well as thousands of others. It applies:
  • Quality Control System ISO 9001: 2015 & Environmental Management System ISO 14001: 2015
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System ELOT 1801: 2008 / OHSAS 18001: 2007
  1. All the construction crews of Andreoy Insulation SA consist of:
  • Civil Engineers
  • Certified technicians on Insulations / Insulators by ESYD in accordance with the International Standard ISO / IEC 170244
  • Specialized and certified technicians according to DIN CERTCO
  1. Andreoy Insulation SA is a member of:
  • Pan-Hellenic Association of Insulation Companies  (PESM)
  • European Federation of Associations of Insulation Contractors (FESI)
  • Panhellenic Association of Inflated Polystyrene - EPS HELLAS
  • Association of Greek Manufacturers of Aluminum and Related Products (SEKA)
  • Hellenic Institute of Fire Protection of Constructions  (ΕLIPYKA)

Andreoy group certified insulation services

Ask our offer and prices for flat roof insulation

Contact us. We give solutions on roof insulations.Simply!

  1. Fill in the  contact form
  2. Call us at the following telephone numbers: 210 62 55 780, 22 210 79 950, 2241 122 100
  3. Come to our technical departments in Athens and Chalkida
  4. Visit our Facebook and Twitter pages and send a message

Do you have a house, a block of flats, a commercial building or industrial building? Contact us and tell us your problem that you have with your roof insulation!

A civil engineer or a specialized technician will explain you the construction method, the materials that will be used, and the price per m2, that will cost any insulation and waterproofing solution for your roof.

Andreoy Insulation SA is available in Athens, Attica, Chalkida, Evia, Thiva and Central Greece.


flat roof thermal insulation

Andreoy Insulation SA is the best choice for insulating your roof

Since its establishment in1992 at Chalkida, Andreou Insulation SA has been growing rapidly. An ally of the company is the trust and support of civil engineers, large manufacturers, technical companies and many individuals.

We have installed thousands of roof insulations with absolute success.

We are constantly investing in new technologies, methods, certified insulating materials, and constant and proper training of our staff in their implementation.

Our construction crews, civil engineers and technicians are experienced and specialized and all certified in the insulation industry.  We have a large number of vehicles and special mechanical equipment , so we can serve many customers and undertake many projects at the same time.

Contact us κand we will explain you the manufacture way, the materials to be used and the price per square meter, which will cost anyroof insulation solution or visit our technical department stores in Athens (Kifissia) and Chalkida.

Certified construction crews on roof insulations

  1. Civil engineers in every roof insulation project
  2. Our construction crews are made up of specialized and certified insulators according to DIN CERCTO.
  3. We have certified Insulation Technicians/ Insulators according to the ESYD according to the international standard ISO / IEC 17024

We have knowledge, experience, expertise and we respect the customer and his money.


flat roog waterproofing

We use certified materials to insulate your roof

Thermal insulation materials for roof insulations

Thermal insulation on the roof is actually what keeps the house warm in winter and cool in the summer. Thermal insulating slabs will save you energy and  a lot of money that you are wasting to warm your building on the cold winter days or cool it in the summers.

Andreoy Insulation SA, through its many years of experience, gives you many choices of thermal insulating materials that are specially designed & certified for the thermal insulation of roofs with very low thermal permeability , with the goal of achieving  the fastest depreciation of your investment.

The correct type of insulating material (eg expanded polystyrene EPS, XPS polystyrene, stone wool,graphite  etc.) will be decided in cooperation and with the help of our civil engineers and our certified insulators , depending on the roof insulation system that will be selected and the desire cost of the roof insulation .

The thicker the thermal insulation material you choose for the thermal insulation of your roof, the better the thermal insulation you will have. Do not be afraid to upgrade your initial investment to get a better insulation result for your roof.


Therbobeto®, slopes and thermal insulation in the roof insulation

We have replaced the traditional heavy and non-thermal insulating materials (cement mortar, perlobeton, foamed concrete, lightweight concrete, etc.) with the Terbobeto® which we use exclusively.

Therbobeto® is a fiber reinforced lightweight concrete thermal insulation material, with amazing compressive and bending resistances that, due to its low weight, which contributes to the seismic protection of your building , at the same time it adds thermal insulation due to its certified low coefficient of thermal permeability (λ = 0,065).

The combination of these two thermal insulation layers in our insulations, solves the problems with black spots, moisture, molds and liquefactions on your roof.


Reliable and certified waterproofing roof systems

Waterproofing protects against rain, snow and humidity by ensuring the health of the roof insulation system or the waterproofing of the concrete slab.

The most common waterproofing solution for a roof insulation is the asphalt membrane. It combines reliability, long lifetime, resistance to low and high temperature , low maintenance costs and reasonable cost.

Andrew Insulation SA uses only certified & top-of-the-range bituminous membranes in the roof insulation that delivers and has thousands of satisfied customers to prove their reliability and durability over time.

Note:The asphalt membranes or waterproofing membranes are known by many as tar paper

On our waterproofing solutions, we added the Flex Thermo system, a material with high waterproofing performance, even for stagnant water on the roof since it has no joints and is only suitable for direct tile laying.

Finally, for our customers who want an alternative, innovative solution for roof waterproofing, we use premium quality sprayed polyurea applicationsThe roof-waterproofing solution with sprayed polyurea, offers excellent protection, long lifetime, high resistance to stagnant water, while also contributing to energy saving to cool your home, since it exhibits high thermal reflectance and is certified as a cold material.

We can offer many and qualitative options in the roof waterproofing so you can choose which suits you, according to the desired cost and the duration of lifetime


insulation with polyurea

Written economotechnical study of roof insulation

With Andreoy Insulation SA, you know in advance the roof insulation system that will be applied. You will know the work, the materials that are going to be used and the total cost of the work. The written economotechnical study is a commitment and proof of our professionalism and reliability.

ALWAYS with certified insulation materials ONLY with certified & specialized staff


flat roof insulation

Andreoy Insulation SA offers you free thermography before and after insulating the slab

Thermography , offers us the full infrared image and we can reliably propose the insulation system that you really need to face the problem and finally our works to be effective.

We have four certified thermometers (LEVEL I) and two certified thermographers (LEVEL II)

flat roof filling

Pay your roof insulation in up to 24 interest-free installments

Andreoy Insulation SA, always a step ahead, watching and listening to nowadays problems, has created its own funding programs and of course participates in all the grant programs (NSRF, etc.).

Our experience,the respect to our customers and the many options of roof insulation systems that we offer you, have made us to the most quality solution on the market, with prices and way of repayment that will excite you.

Contact us or visit our Technical Department Stores in Athens (Kifissia) and Chalkida to find a financing solution that suits you!

Andreoy Insulation SA has the best prices and the most flexible payment methods


certified insulation personel

Andreoy Insulation SA always offers you a written warranty

We always give you a written guarantee for the insulation works that we do on the roof of your building. But we do not stop here.

We inspect the insulation of the roof and after the completion of the project. The periodic free technical inspections that we make on all roof insulations we install, are recorded and are always given to you through the warranty and technical support book.

See more for the written guarantees, service and After Sales support of Andreoy Insulation SA

We will be standing next to you for years after completion of the works, to prevent problems and to inform you


flat roof insulation

The certifications of Andreou Insulation SA

  1. Quality Control System ISO 9001: 2015 & Environmental Management System ISO 14001: 2015
  2. Occupational Health and Safety Management System ELOT 1801: 2008 / OHSAS 18001: 2007
  3. Construction crews with certified Insulation Technicians/ Insulators according to the ESYD according to the international standard ISO / IEC 17024
  4. Specialized and certified insulators according to DIN CERCTO
  5. Insulation construction crew consisted by civil engineers

See more for the certifications and the quality of Andreoy Insulation SA

classic flat roof insulation

Pre work before the roof insulation

For most, the pre work that is required to insulate the roof (roof outlets, roof barriers, marbles etc.) seems to be an obstacle .

Τhe pre work has added financial cost and hassle, because it was necessary to coordinate many craftsmen (plumbers, builders etc.).

Not anymore! Andreoy Insulation SA undertakes with its own construction crews to relieve you by this hassle and is committed to knowing the prices of the pre works.

But if you want your craftsmen to work? Again no problem. We undertake, without any charge, to coordinate and, of course, to inspect whoever you will choose. The only thing you need to do is to give us access to your slab.

"We know you do not like the pre works ,that's why we undertake them"