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Thermographic Inspections

Thermography & Insulations

Andreoy Insulation SA is the first insulating company in Greece which established the thermography, the airtightness test  (blower door test) and the energy inspections as a method of preventing, identifying and solving problems related to the pathology of buildings.

Contact us,and we'll explain how the thermography will solve your problems.

Building thermography by Andreoy group

Certified thermographers

Consisted by 4 certified level I thermographers, 2 certified level II thermographers, civil engineers and mechanical engineers who are constantly trained with seminars which are specialized in building thermography and have many years of experience in the field of construction.

Because not only the equipment is important but also who is handling it!


Thermography inspections according to international standards

Andreoy Insulation SA performs thermography inspections according to:

  • Inspection with Infrared thermal camera according to EN 13187: 1998, for the determination of thermal performance and qualitative detection of thermal irregularities in the building envelope
  • Airtightness inspection according to ISO 9972: 2015
  • Air pressure inspection that penetrates joints of the openings according to the European standard DIN EN 12207.

Modern Thermographic Equipment

At the same time, we have invested in the proper and modern equipment, also in the thermal cameras field and in the field of thermal imaging analysis programs and in the calculation of energy losses.

High Level Thermographic Inspections

All of the above allow us to offer high quality services when performing thermography inspections, with the identification of the problems and  the responsible responding on tackle them with modern solutions which comes from the analysis of the results.. See a sample of the thermography inspections that we have done.

Andreoy Insulation SA, always a step forward, as part of the written warranty that provides in all the insulations that implements, has established free thermographic inspection at all stages of the project (before, during and after the project completion) but also to the free technical quality inspection that performs as long as your warranty applies.

Some examples of thermography and energy inspections.

See a sample of thermography inspections that we have successfully performed.

Building thermography

  1. Trust Andreoy Insulation SA as well as thousands of others. It applies:
  • Quality Control System ISO 9001: 2015 & Environmental Management System ISO 14001: 2015
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System ELOT 1801: 2008 / OHSAS 18001: 2007
  1. All the construction crews of Andreoy Insulation SA consist of:
  • Civil Engineers
  • Certified technicians on Insulations / Insulators by ESYD in accordance with the International Standard ISO / IEC 170244
  • Specialized and certified technicians according to DIN CERTCO
  1. Andreoy Insulation SA is a member of:
  • Pan-Hellenic Association of Insulation Companies  (PESM)
  • European Federation of Associations of Insulation Contractors (FESI)
  • Panhellenic Association of Inflated Polystyrene - EPS HELLAS
  • Association of Greek Manufacturers of Aluminum and Related Products (SEKA)
  • Hellenic Institute of Fire Protection of Constructions  (ΕLIPYKA)

Andreoy insulations guarantee

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Do you have a house, a block of flats, a commercial building or industrial building? Contact us and tell us your problem that you have.

A thermographer will explain you the solutions of the thermography inspection will offer you

Andreoy Insulation SA is available in Athens, Attica, Evia, Chalkida, Thebes, Central Greece!

 House thermographyThermographic solutions by Andreoy Insulation SA

  • Moisture detection
  • Water inflow in roof & masonry
  • Localization of leaks in the building's hydraulic system
  • Localization of encased pipes
  • Water and sewerage network inspection
  • Inspection of mechanical equipment
  • Inspection of electrical network
  • Inspection of completeness & performance of the insulation
  • Inspection of circulation & leakage of the air (blower door test)
  • Imprinting of energy losses in thermal images
  • Estimation of energy savings after the repair of damages which detected
  • Estimation of energy savings after the application of thermal insulation systems

Contact us, and we'll explain you how the thermography will solve your problems

thermography - tile roof

Building Thermography. A Valuable Tool

Thermography in buildings (building thermography), is a non-destructive method, which has the ability to locate areas of energy loss, and the points that requires corrective interventions.

In addition to its contribution to energy saving, thermography is an excellent prevention tool since it can identify and inspect water and sewage pipes, electrical networks and mechanical equipment..

Thermography inspection is a method that is used worldwide to ensure optimum quality during construction and also can prevent costly corrections before the final delivery to the buyer.

Thermography insures your investment and your property

More and more people worldwide choose thermography to ensure that their investment meets their expectations as regards the quality and  the efficiency of the building.

In Greece, thermography is also a mandatory method of prevention, in order large commercial or industrial buildings to be insured.

Thermography is the only non-destructive tool for energy identification and prevention of building problems.


Building thermography

What is Thermography?

Thermography is the observation, measurement and recording of heat and its flow. All bodies on Earth, with temperatures above absolute zero, -273 ° C, emit thermal energy to the infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Human can not see this radiation with the naked eye, but using infrared cameras and thermography can see the heat and observe abnormalities, which will lead him to recognize problems

What thermography does is to receive the radiation which is emitted by all the bodies of the infrared spectrum through a thermal camera and convert it into an image with fake colors, so that it is perceived in the human eye.

Through thermography, a wall with insufficient thermal insulation will have different color in the thermal camera relative to a wall with proper thermal insulation, a moisture will be colored differently from the rest of the room, a pipe will have different color than the rest of the floor etc.

The further analysis of thermal images with special programs on computer allows us to have accurate temperature measurements at the points which interest us, so we can identify hidden problems or to make energy valuations.

The great value of thermography is that it provides a mean to see the invisible thermal signatures which are associated with many building problems. When moving on this axis, we have as a result a considerable economy and more comfortable & friendly buildings.


thermography by andreoy sa

Building thermography is not that easy.

To be an effective tool, the thermographer needs to know the limitations of the camera he uses, the way which the building absorbs, emits, and holds energy and the proper time - conditions to perform the type of thermography that is programmed.

He must be able to identify and prove problems or lack of them, which implies with the constructional experience as well as with the knowledge of the applicable thermal rules.

When is properly used, it allows to owners, architects, builders, civil engineers, engineers and energy inspectors to identify the problems, verify the performance of the building, and propose valid solutions, without  need to know the way and the building materials of the building and the structural components.

Andreou Insulation SA has gain significant experience in building thermography, for energy savings, as well as for prevention and maintenance solutions in buildings.

Contact us, and we'll explain how the thermography will solve your problems.


The company Andreoy Insulation SA has:

  • Four level 1 certified thermographers.
  • Two level 2 certified thermographers.
  • Civil engineers.
  • Mechanical engineer.
  • Energy appraiser

In combination with the experience of the above staff in the field of construction, and by having invested in the most proper and modern equipment, both in the thermal cameras and in the field of programs, for the analysis of the thermal images and the calculation of the energy losses, we can provide solutions.